28 May 2009

What are you afraid of?

Looking at the traffic to this site. I have to ask myself why isn't anyone posting comments? There is a lot of people checking this site out from Huffington Post. The same people who can't stand JohnGalt1984. Yet they come here and say nothing.

Are you afraid of speaking outside your little liberal world?
Is that what you say really has no substance?
Or is it that you know JohnGault1984 is right?

Come on and get your big "Hope Hug"!!!!

What are you waiting for??????

Nadmenny Millicent
Comrade Citizen


Hot Pursuit said...

Just was forwarded your blog, got to say that many I know are so pissed off at what this government is doing they are just trying to bid there time till midterms.

You have a government that is slowly turning on its own people. I, along with many others, proudly served my country and continued on to serve my community only to have an idiot appoint people that call myself and thousand of others as far right threats or terrorists to the very country that we have sworn to protect. Talk about out of control.
But the only reason that they may be afraid of is if they have a different agenda then our founding fathers and the laws and principals that we were given.

Nadmenny Millicent said...

Thanks for joining the cause. Check back every now and then. Or check Huffington Post for JohnGalts1984's rants. They banned him using that name.