06 May 2009

Its good to be a friend of the Overlord

Comrades,Just so everybody is clear. All the big bad banks, all the evil business's have to pay back the money they received from the merciful, all knowing, all compassionate Overlord. Its only fair right.

Well as part of Chrysler's Bankruptcy they do NOT have to pay back the 8 BILLION DOLLARS of our money that team Obama gave them in bailout money and bridge loans. This is according to CNNmoney. Money spent, money lost that's the Obama way. Well I guess this is a big thank you to the UAW for helping the Overlord ascend to his current position. As for the bond holders, bad, bad, shame on you for not drinking the Koolaid (Berry Flavor) and dare ask for 60% return Vs the 30% the Overlord is demanding. These Hedge funds are now getting death threats and at the least the Overlord will do his best to ruin their reputations thus destroying their ability to do business. What genius is forgetting is its the common man, main streeter that invests in these funds. But this redistribution is ok as long as Obama can keep the focus on the company not the individual. Each time I keep wondering when will they will call this guy out for over reaching.

Once more the dark cloud of the Sith rules the galaxy.

Comrade Citizen
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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