20 May 2009

The Overlord's America

I was lucky enough to visit our Nations Capital a few days ago and a some thoughts came to mind as I walked the city.  My first stop was the National Archives to see the 6 pieces of paper that changed the world.  The Declaration of Independence, all 4 pages of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These simple yet powerful documents form the foundation of everything we hold dear in our lives. We as Americans hold a debt of gratitude to the founders that can hardly be re-paid. I stood humbled, leaning over and lingering as long as I could over these 6 pages. Thinking at the truly cosmic set of events that brought together the men, the courage, the ideas and circumstances leading to these 6 pages. I pictured myself back in time seeing these event as they were happening, marvelling at the prose and timelessness of the documents.

As I turned to leave the presence of greatness that is our founding I returned to a very different reality of Obama's America. In four months the Overlord has truly earned this title. Any hope for Obama the centrist went out the window on day one. I no longer want to hear "we need to give him more time."  More time for what, MORE SPENDING!!  In case you have not heard yet, WE ARE OUT OF MONEY!! The Overlord has no way of paying for ANY of the programs he is proposing. We are marking his spending in not in millions, not in billions but in Trillions. This is NOT what the founders envisioned for the future of the country. The founding principles empower the individual to grow NOT THE GOVERNMENT. I AM OUTRAGED at the lack of accountability given to Obama,  no one seems to care, I DONT GET IT!

 This country was founded on the idea that the more you can do for yourself the less you will need the Government. The Overlord truly does not believe in this. I challenge you to tell me where I am wrong.   The founders stated that all Men are created equal and each are endowed with Rights. This means that the Government will allow the individual the succeed of fail on their own merits equally. America since its founding has stepped out of its citizens way, encouraging and fostering individual liberties and with these freedoms the society as a whole has benefited. Obama does not share this view from the founders.

May I ask when if ever have you heard the Obama speak of these founding principles and the greatness of American exceptionalism. I can answer this, NEVER. Obama only speaks of greed and selfishness, when he refers to America.  He speaks at great length of how America is to blame for most of the worlds ill's. Apologizing for America every chance he get.  Obama only speaks of how the Government is the only solution never the individual.
Obama speaks of how he see's a new vision of America. Or America needs to "change."

Could you ever see George Washington speaking of the evil of America's greed and selfishness?  Could you picture Lincoln who's true greatness is measured in the way he kept the country together after the Civil War blaming America for the worlds problems?

Am I the only one angered by this??

Some may say how can something written so long ago apply to todays world. As President, Obama has a right to change anything he wants. I would argue against this notion based on the Constitution alone.  This is NOT a open ended document.  The separation of powers with the checks and balance in place, prevent such the "change" Obama  is trying. The founders knew that consolidate power is the enemy of Liberty. Obama wants this and is striving for such a consolidation.  Under the guise of looking out for the little guy. Guess what Obama there are no little guys or gals, there are just Americans.
The amount of money a person makes does not and never did define the person's moral standing in this country. Until now.  Thanks to Obama.

Controlling and taking over business's, targeting individual citizens for specific taxes, cap and trade regulations, controlling salaries and bonus, limiting how big a company can become, mandating what a person uses as a mode of transportation, dictating what a company can or cannot produce, sin taxes and the list grows by the day. If one was to present Obama's America to George Washington and Abe Lincoln I could only speculate at their reaction. My guess is they would call for a "Change"

Comrade Citizen
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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