08 December 2008

My Brother's Rant

Comrades,Please to read the release from the Information Minister Citizen JimComparing Obama's current "Changes" to his stances.
Yes Comrades this is Change you can believe in.

Change on windfall Tax on big oil stopped, their not so bad now because oil is down below $80 bucks a barrel

Change on rescinding the Bush tax cuts on the Rich, maybe tax cuts really help the economy

Change on Iraq, lets not move so fast for this withdrawal, don't want anything bad to happen on his watch

Change on Pro labor, NO Labor secretary named in his new economic team Yet?? I'll give him time on that one

Change on bring a new face to government with the Clinton third term enacted.Change on Hillary "She has no real foreign policy experience save tea parties with wife's of leaders" his New Secretary of State.

Change on his stance on domestic wire tapping, I guess we really need to keep an eye out for the bad guys and wire tapping works

Change in the feeling of Obama supporters wondering if they have been had.Hope that all the reasons they elected Obama were not just pandering for their votes.

Yes Comrades I know the man has not even taken the oath yet but think about this.How in the last months of the election all the man did was to say he knows and truly understands how bad the state of our economy was and he is the only one who can fix it.

How bad Big Oil was

How fast he was going to get out of Iraq

How the Bush tax cuts must be stoppedHow inexperienced Hillary was

How the evil rich are killing to poor just because they make more money, so tax them to death
that will teach them a lesson

How the Bush policies on everything was wrong

And the people drank the Kool-Aid and said YES WE CAN!!Buckle up Comrades the back peddling has just begun.Plus his 700 billion stimulus package where is the money going to come from for this???That's right, your "Change"

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Unknown said...

WOW is this guy good...No this guy is GREAT!!!! He really captured the feelings of a large amount of true Americans