22 December 2008

A Little Late Post Election Rant

I have a few closing thoughts that I would like to share with you. A word comes to mind that was used quit a bit that brings this all together for me, its....HOPE. I see the pull out section in the Trib today and the masses faces are filled with it. Why? What does he have to give people such feelings? The Big question is can he live up to this aura he has built for himself. Can he really walk on water? Hope got him this far its up to him to milk this for all its worth. What I hope for is that people see him for who he really is.

The one thing I truly hope for and the numbers prove me right is. The Republicans/Conservatives did not vote in this election. The numbers show that Obama's victory was not a landslide the Dems were hoping for. One good thing about Obama's victory is that puts to rest any hanging chad, vote controversies the Dems can use in the next election. I interested to see the platform they will use in 2012. They can't use the Bush excuse anymore. I'm so glad for that. My guess it will be a we need more time platform, "I need your help once again, please help again change America". Problem with that is how many times can you call for a revolution when your the guy in the big chair. It worked once I hope it will not work twice.

Now the rant...

I hope that the RNC has a candidate that truly supports the core values in 2012. I hope the Republicans learn how to engage the youth in the country. I hope the media backs off a little in their bias towards the left. I hope Mitt looks the Media square in the eye and says bring it on. If Obama religion did not matter why should Mitt's? I hope Palin never goes away. I hope Obama will have to run on his record and I hope he is held accountable for it. I hope Crazy Uncle Joe the VP never shuts up. I hope McCain never runs again. Moderate Republicans are not effective candidates, and I hope the RNC wakes up to this. I hope the youth who voted for Obama in 4-8 years are in a position to say hey wait a minute Obama's not "The One" we hoped he'd be. I hope we gain more seat in the House and Senate with each election. I hope we don't get attacked again like we did on 9-11 just to prove the point that Obama can handle it. I hope Obama's dream of a Socialist America never comes true. I hope my kids will never worry about how successful they can become before they are deemed the evil rich. I hope Americans never feel bad about doing good. I hope America stays America. We are the greatest country in the world because our government stays out of its people success. I HOPE people come to realize this.

Information Minister

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