31 December 2008

The Minster of Information is Flabbergasted

New years eve is my favorite holiday. I have such a good feeling knowing that with the passage of time things usually get better. Love grows stronger, friendships grow deeper, challenges are faced and surpassed. The new year brings to me a fresh start.

Until now.

Webster defines Shame as a "Condition of humiliating disgrace". For the first time in my life I feel shame for being from Illinois. I cannot believe what we have experienced in just the last 24 hours, let alone the last few weeks since Blago was accused of selling Obama's Senate seat. I did want to remove politics from this but given the circumstances I cannot. The outrage I hope most thinking people of Illinois feel this morning should truly be directed at the Democratic party. The dems had a great opportunity to do the right thing and hold a special election. But they failed because of fear that they may lose to a republican. So what did our leaders do to correct this....not a Dam thing. Their inability to act led to the debacle that happened yesterday. Watching yesterdays press conference was like watching the Hindenburg blow up. It was jaw dropping bizarre. Blago with his multi language greeting to Burris confused gaze/smile when asked direct questions related to contributions to Blago. The guile between these two buffoons was off the scale, joking about who should take to podium. Blago telling Burris "Go ahead your the Senator".

Just when you think it could not get anymore strange. Up prowls a Black Panther. Completely setting back the clock to the 1960's using the term lynching to any person who dares to oppose this appointment. What country did we wake up in. More importantly what planet are these jokers from. Why couldn't I stop watching. This was like some Twilight Zone Gong Show gone out of control. With Blago as Chuck Barris and Burris as the smiling Mean Jean the Dancing Machine. Pat Quinn as Rip Taylor trying to Gong them off.

This will be a true test of every politician in this country let along the state. I challenge the Dems to hold their ground to fight this appointment. This may be the only case in which I support Obama with His support of the Senate blocking any Blago appointment. In this instance the ONLY fair course of action is a special election. Which will never happen with Quinn stating that the people of Illinois have suffered enough. Or for the good of the state he will make the appointment. If the Republicans fail to use this as their battle cry then they are truly lost in this state. Just a quick question as of this morning has anyone heard from Short Shanks Da Mayor??

Going back to my respect for time. 2009 is going to be a very interesting year. With every delay comes the hope of impeachment. If Blago gets the boot Quinn can overturn Burris's appointment. With my wish of a special election or more likely he will make his choice for the seat. Either way in 2 years there will be a election. The Republicans must act in this situation. This is a golden opportunity for both parties for I hate to say "Real Change" in Illinois. I am calling to arms any candidate who could stand up to the leviathan of the Democratic Machine and break this grip on our state. It must happen one election at a time. We voters must let our voices be known no matter which party you belong too. I pledge not to let party bias my vote. If the better candidate is a democratic then so be it. I challenge Party Chairman P*! and Vice Chairman P%T# to make this same pledge. Can you vote against a Democrat running in Illinois? Do you have the courage? Do I? Only time will tell.In conclusion,We should change our states logo from Land of Lincoln. To Welcome to Illinois where Misery Loves Company.

Comrade Citizen
Information Minister

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