19 December 2008

Another gem from my brother

With the turmoil and the heartache the middle class is feeling in the troubled times we live in. Our Government comes to the rescue. By demanding the big three leadership receive only $1.00 of pay next year. With the Democratic leadership being the champion of the common people. They decided to give themselves a pay raise. That's right the rest of the country is learning to go without. But not our Congress and our Senate. Raises for everybody!!! Just ask them they'll tell you the deserve it.This is our money Comrades!

Where is Obama?? Where is his leadership to tell the Senate and the house, "Fellas this is not the right thing we should be doing right now". No he's busy sitting in his make believe "office of the President Elect". Adding to his Trillion dollar stimulus package. Just so you know stimulus package in the Democratic language means earmarks.

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