10 May 2010

Who's really the party of NO? I'll give you a hint...Obama

Who said NO to transparency...Obama

Who said NO back in April when Republicans as for a seat at the table in regards to forming the heath care bill....Obama

Who said No when Republicans asked to start over with a clean sheet of paper and asked to work together and write a new Health care bill at the health care summit.....Obama

Who said NO when Republicans asked to slow down the spending...Obama

Who said NO when Republicans asked to honor the very law Obama passed about no more spending unless the Government found a way to pay for it in other words the Pay GO law...Obama

Who said NO to our European allies when they ask to honor the past American commitment of missile defense...Obama

Who said NO the our strongest allies in the middle east, (Israel) when they asked to build on their own land...Obama

Who said NO to the creation of union jobs because Cap & Trade will kill heavy industry, oil industry, steel industry and the coal industry and countless others...Obama

Who said NO to stronger sanctions for Iran...Obama

Who said NO to private wealth creation...Obama

Who said NO to England(our former strongest allies) time and time again...Obama

But Obama did say yes to a few things

Obama said YES to Russia

Obama said YES to China

Obama said YES to Terrorist rights

A trifecta of Patriotism from the Overlord. NOT!!!

A VAT tax FYI:

Greece just raised its VAT tax to 24%, and Nancy Pelosi is pushing a VAT tax to pay for all their spending.

Now who is really the party of NO

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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