18 May 2010

Obama's "Smart Diplomacy"

Let's review shall we...

China accuses us of Human Right violations...the Asst Secretary of State agrees and uses the AZ illegal immigration law as support of the "Troubling trend in America"

AZ law fun fact: Neither the director of Home land security nor the Attorney General have read the bill.  Yet the former wants to drop federal support and the latter condemns it.

England no longer calls America her strongest ally

Iran signs Nuclear deals with Brazil a "former" strong ally. And Turkey a "former" Pro western country.

North Korea used a torpedo to sink a South Korean Navy ship.  South Korea is supposed to be under American protection.  But that does not seem matter to the North.

Afghanistan tells Obama unless we get more money they will start making deals with the Taliban...Obama blinks and pledges to give billions

I could go on & on & on.

The point is and I want you to pay close attention to this.

The point is the world is aligning it self AWAY from America.  In addition, our enemies and or rivals have no reason to respect the US.  The world has learned a few things under Obama's foreign Policy of "Smart Diplomacy."

Obama is weak

Obama is inexperienced

The Obama administration is willing to sellout its own country to gain favor with China & Russia and our allies know they cannot count on us.


The President has 4 jobs

1) Honor the Constitution

2) Keep the country safe

3) Promote the private sector

3) Generally stay out of the way of its citizens

Has Obama truly accomplished any of the above??

My fellow Patriots we have another Carter on our hands.  For the good of our country Obama and his confederates needs to be voted out of office.

You know I'm right.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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