09 May 2010

Obama's War with Reality

There is a lot of discussion about the failed Time Square bombing.  When did he get on the plane? Where did he live?

The real issue that I don't want you to forget is that we were attacked again.  Just because it didn't kill people doesn't mean it doesn't count.

Fort Hood, the Christmas day Bomber, I think there was another plot that was broken up not too long ago involving airports in NY, and now this.  Notice a pattern that did NOT accrue under Bush?

Yes the Terrorist are stepping up their attacks on American soil with Obama as President.  What?  How could this be?

Don't the Terrorist know who the President is?  Wasn't this American hatred supposed to lessen with Obama in office?  I mean after all he bowed his way across the world and apologized for the evil America every chance he got.  And were still getting attacked.  Sup wit dat?

This is where Obama's war with reality comes in.  The hubris of Obama is that he really believed that him just being elected would "Change" the world.  Think about it.  Obama thought that if I said out aloud that America has made many, many, many mistakes, people would stop hating America.

But let me underscore this point.  If this bonehead at the failed Time Square was indeed angry at the "drone" attacks in Pakistan.  Then it is an attack on the Obama foreign policy.  What we can't blame Bush for this? WWWHHHAAATTT!?!?!?

Follow me on this....

On one hand:

Big business...evil

Big banks...evil

Big Oil...evil

Executive pay...evil

Insurance companies...evil


Big Pharma...evil

Personal wealth...evil

Calling out laws he doesn't like

And on the other hand:

Tries to close Gitmo as an image enhancer for the country

Wants to give constitutional rights to terrorist

Can't use the words "violent Muslim extremest or jihadist." As to not offend people. What people? The TERRORIST who want to kill us??

Trials for Terrorist in civilian courts.

Exactly who is Obama favoring?  We Americans?

In other words bash Americans all you want but call a terrorist out and your a racist.  Notice how Obama's tolerance only goes one way?

Moreover, look no further than Greece to the end game of the European Socialism that Obama is doing everything possible to move America toward.

What color is the sky in Obama's world?  What reality does Obama believe in?  Greece is looking for under 120 billion for a bail out.  You say that's no big deal to America, right?  Well California's unfunded pension obligations is over 500billion dollars alone.  And that's one state!!  Now include Illinois, Michigan and others and were in a total collapse of the global market let alone the country.  But Obama is running around telling people we should be happy that the unemployment % is up.  Because that means more people are looking for work.  Again the reality of Obama's transformed America.

Point is were broke and if our debt is called in WE COULD NOT REPAY IT!!

The last point is this is not theory anymore.  We don't have to guess what it would be like if Obama was elected. Even though I correctly predicted most of Obama's march to Socialism.  We know who he is now.  He cannot hide behind "HOPE" & "CHANGE" He has to govern on his own merit.  And make no mistake this is what happens when you transform a country.

Here's the reality. Bush is gone.  He's history. Obama's in.  And he's been in office long enough to make a record for himself.  These truths are self evident.  How can you support a President who I willing driving the country into the ground?  But again, don't refer to Bush.  According to Obama himself Bush gave America a image problem.  But image is NOT REALITY!!!  Were living in Obama's reality and it SUCKS!!!

Now as a show of unity

Los Information Minister

Los Loyal Opposition

Los JohnGalt1984

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