02 June 2009

Who needs National Health Care when you have "HOPE HUGS" or welcome Comrade to the American commune

As our Overlord finishes his takeover of yet another American industry make no mistake his eye is fixed on National Health Care. He will also state he does not want to run Health Care like he said he did not want to run the Banks, but he does, or insurance companies, but he does, or the Auto Industry, but he does. National Health Care is the golden egg for the Liberals and Obama will start pushing hard for this to happen.
I sense another flowery speech with no real content, like he is still on the election trail, the press and the KoolAid drinkers (Berry Flavor) will call him a genius. He'll give "HOPE HUGS" to everyone and we'll live happily ever after. But please remember Social Security will go bust very soon and we have no way to pay for that, and Obama has shown just how great he is at moderating costs. The Overlord is spending money like its going out of style BECAUSE THE WAY HE'S SPENDING MONEY IT IS GOING OUT OF STYLE!!!! But at this point what's another trillion or more among friends, right.

Comrade Citizen
Loyal Opposition

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