05 June 2009

The Overlord Delivers another one of his Intent speeches or HOPE HUGS for Hookahs

The man can speak well I'll give you that!  However, once again this speech was filled with a bunch of "HOPE HUGS" but not much new from the Overlord, or any other President for that matter.  I know you drones will hate this but Clinton and Bush both have said that America is not the enemy of Islam, we all need to get along and so forth and so on.  Obama like many past Presidents will try his best in his quest for peace.  Here in lies the difficult part for Obama, he will have to make a real stand and stick too it.  You will say he did this with this speech, however, both sides will respond to ACTIONS not just words.  The problem with Obama is that he is everything to everybody, and who is just now starting to state his foreign policy.  I do think this is going to be a hard sell to Israel, they might not like being told what to do and where to live. Some may say, and rightly so, that Obama is exerting a undo influence over Israel.  I feel most would agree that this is the first President in history who is not clearly in their full support. Obama asked for a great many concessions from Israel without many from Palestine.  America has always stood at the shoulder of Israel during this process and Obama is taking a risk with our strongest ally in the region.  Time and actions will tell if this strategy work.  The Kool-Aid drinking (Berry Flavor) public and state run press will look at this speech and declare "My God the man is a genius"!  Is he the first guy to ever suggest peace in the Middle-East, what a great idea?
 Let's not forget this is his job and this job has an expiration date and this process does not subscribe to such limitations.    Do not mistake his eloquence and intent with results.

Please keep this in mind.

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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