20 June 2009

The Overlords brilliant Wait and See Foreign policy. How's that working for you?

In light of recent events in Iran I am moved to give my take on Obama's genius and insightful response. "Wait and See" floated from the masterful mind of THE ONE. Oh the drones will commend Obama for this measured response. We have no right to interfere in the affairs of another country they'll respond. Does that same statement hold true to Israel? When Obama gave his so call landmark speech in Egypt he did a great deal of interfering into where and how the Israelis were to conduct their lives. But I guess that's ok right? I do have to give the Overlord a break not too long ago the most important thing he had to do was to make sure there was enough coffee cups at his last community organizing event. Now he's leading the free world. That's the key word here "leading." Obama is great at intent, there are few better, but in really leading what has he done. He made flowery "HOPE HUG", were sorry for being America, business is evil, its all our fault, but don't blame me speeches. But what has he done to further the American ideal. How has he made the beacon of freedom and liberty brighter with his actions. The drones will say he's done more to improve our image then any other president. Improve our image? Let's all "wait and see" how that works for us. Obama really has a chance to do the right thing with Iran, but his inaction speaks volumes. What is he afraid of? They are killing people in the streets. Let's wait and see how many more get killed before he gives his "I might be concerned look on his face." Maybe he can treat Iran like the fly he swatted...WHAM...problem solved home in time for dinner. This issue shows the flaw of the Obama foreign Policy. The flaw is there is no foreign policy outside of wait and see. Remember our VP, Crazy Uncle Joe he was picked for that position because of his vast foreign policy experience. So how is Obama tapping this well spring of knowledge to help him find his way through the darkness. Crazy Uncle Joe is in charge of the bail out money. My God the man's a genius. (Its been a while since I gave a shout out to Uncle Joe so I had to fit him in some how)

Going back to our Overlord the Fly killer and his wait and see method of "HOPE HUGGING" the world.

Let's wait and see what North Korea does next to piss of the world. Let's wait and see Obama do nothing about it. Let's wait and see Obama explain why he needed his Economic recovery package passed without delay, "we need this passed now or the very fabric of time and space will tear it self a part". Let's wait and see how wrong he was in this. Let's wait and see how Obama said the recovery package was needed to stop the unemployment rate at 7.8%, its 9.1% and growing just like his spending. Let's wait and see how Obama will now try to ram Universal Health Care down our throats telling us we need this right now or else. Notice the pattern. It is fear mongering, sorry to say but it is. Let's wait and see ABC devote an entire day of programing to Overlord Care. Let's wait and see ABC lose all credibility from that day forward. Too bad ER is off the air, I'm sure he would have made a special guest appearance to woo the public. Let's wait and see how Obama will have absolutely no way to pay for this program yet at the same time claim he's cutting the deficit. Let's wait and see who gets to invent the Obama drinking game where you take a shot every time you hear him say he "inherited this mess" and "its not his fault" or "its not just me saying this". Take a stand!! Have the strength of your convictions and make a call!! That's what a leader does and "its not just me saying this!" I've said this before Obama's problem is he's everything to everybody, one cannot lead from this position. Washington knew this, lincoln knew this. Cincinnatus knew this. When you are everything to everybody you operate from weakened position in regards to your ability to lead, it's great to win elections but difficult to manage anything effectively. I defer to the fact the Obama has never ran anything in his life as my case in point.

Let's wait and see the deficit grow and grow and grow. Let's see Obama follow his usual method when he needs something passed. First you acknowledge the problem, then you claim its not your fault, you then demonize the issue and people you feel responsible for it, you then state you are compelled to action, then you ask somebody else to come up with an answer ie congress, ram it through, find a way to pay for it later, and repeat. The Congressional Budget Office states that if the Kennedy Health Care bill passes there will still be around 30 million people without health care. At the cost of Trillions. Yet we need this right now or else.

Let's wait and see ABC have a prime time special so we can all watch Obama Lord of the Fly's "Wait and See"

Comrade Citizen
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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