18 April 2009

Post Tea Party comments

Before you condemn the tea Parties Let us remember that 59,934,814 did not vote for the overlord.  Now let us take into account that Obama received 69,456,897.  That's a difference of 9,522,083, I hardly call that a landslide.  A strong showing but not a landslide.  Now take out the folk who just voted for the Overlord because they thought Bush was still running for some reason.  Take out the Drones who voted for Obama because they put no thought into their choice what so ever.  And what do you have left, not much really.  Now almost 60 million votes or 60 million people is a good chunk of the country.  Obama does not have the whole country behind him.  We 60 million have a right to disagree.  Just as the Dems voiced their displeasure at Bush not 7 seven month ago.  Its that same thing.  No body thought it was stupid when the lone woman sat out side the white house in protest of the War.  It got wall to wall coverage.  So if a few hundred thousand people are wanted their "Change". 
All Americans should respect that.

Information Minister
Loyal opposition

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