30 April 2009

Crazy Uncle Joe does it again

Comrades first of all I am outraged that the world is besmirching the good name of Swine. Attaching it to what the Overlord calls the H1N1 virus.  Hey this is Obama only he can take it upon himself to rename a pandemic any way he wants too.  You got a problem with that?!?!  The Overlord to his credit is calling for clam and use common sense in dealing with this issue.  Its a problem no doubt that needs to be addressed.

Then there's Crazy Uncle Joe which I may add with a side of chicken little put in for good measure. Here's Joe's version of calling for calm, and I quote..
"I would tell members of my family-and I have-I wouldn't go anywhere in confined places".  Crazy Uncle Joe also would not recommend taking any commercial flights or riding in a subway car at this point because the Swine Flu virus can be spread in confined places. He continues "If one person sneezes on a plane everyone on that plane is at risk."  Were all done!! Game over man....game over!!

Well that's makes me feel sooo much better. The VP just said basically if he were in charge he would shut down the whole country just to be safe.  Thanks Joe.

Now what kind of bothers me is does this fall into, what does he know that he's not telling kind of thing. I "hope" not.

Meanwhile after the pigeons were sent loose and the tears of joy were wiped away with the Overlords first 100 days. Obama was quoted saying "we've begun the work of remaking America".  Yes in case you don't know he's remaking America. I know most of the KoolAid drinkers (Berry Flavor) are still basking in the warm glow of "Change", so you may not notice this yet. But, I don't remember reading in the Constitution anywhere that who ever gets elected President in 2008 gets to remake the country. Do you? Let me just tell you it doesn't.

He goes on stating that he is acting on his Campaign platforms finishing that "its not like anybody should be surprised".  WHAT!!  That's the question?  Are you surprised by any of this??  He did say during the campaign that some people have been too successful and its time to spread the success around.  Done.  I'm going to tax the rich.  Done. I'm going to make businesses evil.  Done. I'm going to nationalize everything I can get my hands.  Done.  I'm going to blame America for all the ills of the world past and present. Done.  I'm never going to take responsibility for anything, with his repeating when ever he is asked about his opinion. "Hey its not just me many other people think this way as well." Oh so that must make ok then. He's willing to work with anyone as long as you do as he says. Done.

But I digress. The question really is are you happy with how the Overlord is "Changing" America.  And before you let him off easy just remember that he voted for all the Bush spending he is now claiming to have nothing to do with.
Again you have to look past the social issues of the Republicans and into the Political issues of the Democrats to understand how this will  destroy this country.

This is "Change" that I neither want nor  like.

P.s I guess Obama failed with trying to save the Auto industry with Chrysler filing Chapter 11 and GM not far behind. Money spent money lost that's the Obama way. How can he not accept the blame for the massive failure.  Remember the Overlord said this is the only way to save them, Government intervention.  With the Overlord its not the results that matter its the intention.  GOD help us.

Comrade Citizen -JohnGalt1984
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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