25 April 2009

And Washingto wept.....

I have to ask about this torture issue that's got people got out for blood...Bush blood.  I gave Obama credit when he said we should look forward not back but a day later he flipped.  Now I think its turned into a full blown lynching.  How is this good for the country?  Obama has spent his first 100 days running around the world either saying don't blame me I was not even born yet.  What the hell is that?!?!  Or I'm sorry its all America's fault. Like me, please like me.  And now this.  Why?  I'm sorry to say it seems like to me he's more worried about being liked then being a leader.  Being a leader means not everybody is going to like you. Serving up Bush and company will not change this.

Obama is his most successful when he plays off a target.  He did this when he won the Senate, against fellow Dems for the nomination, transforming McCain into Bush to win back in Nov. Moreover, since being sworn in he made successful targets of  businesses and Ex's  and won his Stimulus package.  He tried to make Rush his target and that brought him a few weeks and now this.  Its almost like he will do anything to keep his approval ratings up, I mean anything.  Or if he does not have a target he stamps his feet and tells everybody "Hey I won you have to do what I say," if you don't fully agree then your part of the "Old way of thinking".  Obama and the Dems are falling over themselves trying to out do each other in this lynching.  Hillary taking her shot bashing Chaney pandering for laughs with the gall of saying he has credibility issues. CREDIBILITY ISSUES!!!  I guess she forgot who she is and who she is married to.  But that's ok right.  Because with the Overlord in charge who's going to stop her.  Its like the they kept this all bottled up saving it for a rainy day.  I guess its raining.

Bush did not do this when we were attacked on 9-11.  Yes remember we were attacked and around 3000 Americans lost their lives.  They went to work and never came home, remember that.   He did not blame Clinton for his past failures.  And rightly so.  John Kerry wants to release more pictures.  Why?  What good will this serve.  Some might say that it will show the world how bad we were but were not like that now.  But think to yourself how will the terrorist react?  I can't see them saying oh my bad, sorry were cool now, you go about your business now. Can you?

The Presidents  JOB 1 is to keep the country safe.  All Presidents from 1 to 44.  They swore an oath to it.  Just as Obama keeps telling anybody who will listen I inherited this mess.  America has inherited the mantle of leadership of the free world.  Along with the responsibility and respect there  comes a great many people who will hate you for it.  Its just the way it is.

 America was NOT founded on the premise that we did this because we wanted to be liked in the world.  Obama once said this is the greatest country in the world, help me change it.  Yes he said it.  Obama cannot serve the country by spending his duration in office coming up with new Bush info every few weeks to release to the drones.  Now my guess is Obama is using this new target of the torture issue to go after the big one for the dems... universal healthcare.  Next week the parties will start,  News Papers and the TV media will herald the good news of Obama's 100 days.  During the love fest press conference the Overlord will announce some sort of Heath Care bill being passed or something to that effect.

All in the name of "Change".

Atlas Shrugged.

Washington will spin in his grave, Adams and Monroe will not recognize the country they helped found. The rest of the framers will turn their back on us in shame.

Comrade Citizen
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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