29 June 2012

Well they passed it, now we know what's in it, it sucks but it's constitutional...Sour

If this doesn't mobilize the Republican party I don't know what will. 
Yes Obama used his first term on HC and not the economy yet Obama tried to tie HC to saving the economy, which we now know was a load of crap. 
Obama care was never about the economy.  It was about Obama having total control of all three branches of government and the largest pile of money ever created by man.   What did you think would happen?  He took his shot and passed HC and hoped no one would notice the spending, debt & deficit.  Because hey, It's cool to love Obama.  But make no mistake the Democrats will not give up until they have achieved universal health care like the folks in England enjoy.
Well we did take notice and in 2010 the Dems lost control of the congress and Obama stopped being President.  Obama is trying to run against the do nothing congress but we all know him now as do the nothing but blame everybody else President.  What the county needed and still needs is a leader and a leader doesn't waste time blaming others he leads. 
The statements that concerned me the most from Obama were as follows;
"I do believe there comes a point when you've made enough money"
"The private sector is doing fine"
"If Congress won't act I will"
This last one is the most concerning to me.  Every American regardless of party should be afraid when a President acts outside of the Constitution.
We should all be afraid when a President just does stuff because he wants too.   Say what you want about Bush but everything he did he did with Congress approval. 
Now we have Obama's transformed America starting to take shape. High unemployment and gas prices that we are supposed to be happy about because it could be worse. He makes recess appointments when Congress is not is recess.  He tells the justice dept not to uphold laws he does not agree with even though he swore an oath to uphold the laws of the land.   He forces private companies to pay for birth control. He forces the Catholic Church to also pay for birth control.   He sites executive privilege to cover up for the scandal of Fast & Furious.  He grants amnesty to millions of Illegal aliens then tells Homeland Security to Ignore calls from Arizona. All of these action are outside the Constitution. The man is playing catch me if you can with the greatest country in history.  The firewalls are all but broken down but some people will still vote for him because they still want to vote for the cool guy.  I'll  use an Obama phrase to drive this home....Let's Vote Obama out of office...Because it's the right thing to do!   I am sure that the spin from both sides will likely throw the planet our of orbit
The country will not survive if we continue on the path.  Most great nations were destroyed not from outside forces but from within and by they're own doing.
I wonder what history will say about America in a hundred years? 
Yes the country is still bleeding and Obama is still in office, and our best hope is Romney.  Yeah for us!
November is coming!
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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