29 June 2012

Change Has Come

Just so everybody understands what happened.

As of yesterday, you, me, your kids  and everybody you know have ceased being citizens and are now simply FUNDING MECHANISMS in the eyes of the federal government. This ruling has "Transformed" the fundamental relationship between you and the government forever.  Freedom of choice has been removed from us all because Obama said it's the right thing to do.  
How does this effect the 47% of the population that pays no federal taxes?  Will they have to start paying now....most likely not.  So where will the burden fall? Most likely the middle class .  So now it's Life, Liberty, Obama Care Tax, and the Pursuit of Happiness.   So all of the politicians will be smiling and patting them selves on the back and tell us how great this is for us, which they themselves are exempt from.  Because if you remember they wrote themselves out of having to participate in Obama Care.  Remember that little nugget?  Bet you forgot about that one. 
November is coming

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