17 March 2012

The Information Minister makes his endorsement the Republican Primary

I have tried to say as neutral as possible during this republican
primary process save for my blatant dislike for Ron Paul.     However,
now I'm going to take time away from my war on women and before the
race war starts to announce my endorsement for President for the
Republican Primary.    Because you know Team Obama will pull the race
card as soon as the Republicans pick a nominee.

First a note on the primary.   We live in the greatest country in the
world because we live in a free society where citizens can compete for
the highest office in our land.  It's supposed be a long process.
This is a big decision that should not be rushed just because the
media wants it to be over.    After all we all know the media loves
Obama.    We should also have no problem with the duration and tone of
this race because the stakes are so high.     This is a very important
process that needs to work it self out.      I for one will not
endorse a candidate who the media calls the most electable.   MaCain
was called the most electable and look where that got us.     That got
us Pete doing a happy dance in Grant Park with Shamwows taped under
his eyes because that was the only thing strong enough to soak up his
tears of joy with an Obama victory.     I know NONE of us want that a
second time.

So this time I'm going with my gut for who I want to be the next
President.     I asked myself who would I like fighting Obama right
now if I had a choice between Santorum, Gingrich or Romney as Speaker
of the house?     Then I asked myself to turn this question around,
who would I like as President fighting Pelosi and Reid if my choices
are  between Santorum, Gingrich or Romney.     Then I asked myself who
has proven himself  to be a Constitutional conservative who
understands our history better then any other candidate?  Who stopped
Hilary Care?     The Democrats last attempt before Obama Care was
rammed down our throats.     Who is the last Republican who balanced a
budget? (Fun fact: it's been over 1059 days since Obama passed a
.    Who is the candidate that Republican establishment fears
more then any other?      I kept returning to one person for all these

That is why I'm endorsing Newt Gingrich for the Republican Primary.

I feel Gingrich is best suited to bring back the founding principles
to these States United.

The Illinois Primary in Next Tuesday March 20th.  Please take time to
vote it's very important that we all get out of our chairs and
stand up to be counted.

Illinois for the first time in a very long time will be a key state in
the national primary and Republicans need to be heard now more then

My "HOPE" is that regardless who you vote for next week that come
November we all unite to vote Obama out of office.     If Obama is
re-elected Obama Care will solidify and end up destroying the country.
  Even before it is fully implemented the cost already has doubled to
almost $2 trillion dollars.    That's an additional $2 trillion each
and every year...forever.     This madness must end before the country

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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