17 March 2012

Huckabee Forum 3: "Jobs" Full Analysis /Saturday (3-3-2012) - FINAL FOUR - // I'll watch so you don’t have to

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FOX NEWS - FINAL FOUR - Republican Presidential Forum 

I must admit that I like this "Forum" the best for really digging into each candidate's position rather then the standard 1 minute to answer and 30 seconds for rubble.
Huckabee does a very good job at keeping all the candidates on time and on topic. It is refreshing to see the candidates just answer questions instead of attacking each other.  Ron Paul did not attend due to scheduling conflict.
And the Oscar goes to…

Newt Gingrich
Newt talked a great deal about his energy policy and claims to be able to get gas prices down to a manageable  $2.50+-.   Although other candidates talk about energy Independence, Newt is making it his hallmark policy.  Newt also related that he is a strong believer in job training as a major component to receiving unemployment benefits.  He feels that is a great way to reinvigorate the manufacturing sector on top of his flat tax plan.  Newt has a lot of catch up to do if he plans to stay in it for the long run.  I believe that if Newt did not have the so called media created baggage he has he would easily be the front runner in this race. He answers clearly and succinctly to every question asked, and is comfortable in any format presented.  If he sticks to energy and growth he still may have a chance.
Mitt Romney
I use to question why Mitt had 59 point platform.  I really did not understand why in a sound bite society Mitt would take the long form.   However, Mitt was very comfortable walking the moderators through his plan.  Breaking down the larger points into 7 workable solutions.  The man know what he is talking about when it comes to the economy.  Mitt did make it a point to say "When I'm President" more than the other 2 candidates at the forum.  It's these little things that people remember walking into the voting booth.  I have a feeling that Mitt would make a better President then he is a candidate and this being super Tuesday Mitt may close the door on the nomination.
Mitt still has a lot of baggage that Obama is just waiting to hit him with.  Mitt still has in my opinion NOT explained away Romney Care Vs Obama Care to my and I'm sure other conservatives satisfaction.  But will this be enough to keep conservatives at home in November?  My hope is that the thought of another Obama term will be reason enough to vote for Mitt if he becomes the nominee. 

Rick Santorum
Santorum is a very likable guy.  Of all the candidates Santorum is the closest to regular person compared to the rest of the field Including Obama.  On his pro-manufacturing stance alone Reagan Democrats should, I say should think of voting for him.  However in my opinion the social issues will be the greatest hurtle for Santorum to over come.
This was not mentioned in this forum because the main topic was Jobs.  Santorum is not a flat taxer like Newt is but he does have a reasonable tax policy.  After hearing Mitt and Santorum's explain their tax policies I have a feeling that a flat tax under the current Government would never happen.  Santorum adds substance to the debate and my hope is that he will survive Super Tuesday.   Santorum needs to stay in this in order to keep Mitt on his toes. 

Final thought
I strongly suggest that you pay close attention to the election going forward from Super Tuesday.  All I say all of these candidates have a workable plan to bring the country back from the brink that Obama has brought us to.  They are focused and determined to beat Obama on substance of his record.  While Obama's plan for the success of the country is to tax the rich and give free condom's to the population, and try to make everyone believe that Republicans hate women.  How is that a plan to my and your success???  It makes NO sense to me. 
P.s If anyone cares,  I have decided to make my endorsement before the Illinois Primary on March 20th.  I will have this for your consideration before that date.

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