09 September 2011

Obama throws a Hail Mary Pass

"A Hail Mary pass or Hail Mary play in American football refers to any very long forward pass made in desperation with only a small chance of success, especially at or near the end of a half."

I think that sums up yet another Obama historic "HOPE HUG" intent speech with zero results.
Was this his 50th historic speech or 60th I can't keep track anymore. But I digress.

Stimulus 1, Obama Care, mortgage recovery act, jobs bill and the list goes on and on and on and yesterday Obama presents the "Please Re-elect Me Act of 2012".  All of these had to be passed right now, don't look at it or try to read it, just pass it and watch the rainbows and lolly pops fall from the sky.  How stupid does he think we are anyway? don't answer that.  Look I understand that he had to do something, I really do.  But is this best he came up with while he was on vacation?  Just imagine how historic this plan could have been if he was on vacation for say the last 33 months.  Truly historic no doubt, or maybe landmark I'm not sure which but I bet Uncle Joe would say it is a big F'n deal.

The point is try to remember Obama's speech in Grant Park the one where tears welled up in your eyes when you heard him speak.  The speech where you actually thought that just for a moment that "The One" Obama looked directly into your eyes while speaking.  Can you remember that or can you remember any of Obama's speeches....No?  Well nobody remembers them either.  The man is totally a forgettable, paper tiger, empty suit cup stacking organizer.

I cant even remember what the guy said last night and I really try to follow these things.

Obama is returning to his "If Only" way to get something passed.

If only Congress would put aside their petty differences at pass my re-election act.  If only I didn't have such a crappy record.  If only my poll numbers didn't suck.  If only....if only...if only.  You get the idea.

The debt council has not even met yet and Obama is trying to add a half a trillion dollars to the books. When will this madness end?

Once again Democrats are great at complaining about republicans and horrible at running the country.



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