01 September 2011

Anybody But Obama


Well the Obama hit machine is ramping up with the attacks on any Republican who would dare oppose him.

The obligatory Perry is “dumb” article came out over the weekend. They are already calling Mitt “weird” and Bachmann is “extreme” or “ radical”.

But that’s not the point of my message.

I want to point out a few things.

Obama received the Noble Peace prize not on what he accomplished but he received it because of future results not yet achieved.

Obama was elected not on the strengths of his accomplishments or policy or legislative achievements for that matter.

He was elected on the intangible mist of “HOPE & CHANGE”.

The democrats controlled both houses and the WH, things went pretty well for him for a while.

The stimulus was written by Pelosi & Reid. He didn’t write Obama care that was Pelosi & Reid as well.

He just offered vague outlines and let other people do the rest.

Well 4 trillion dollars of spending later and he lost congress and that’s when things got real for Obama.

He could no longer wave his hands and part the waters. He actually had to lead, and look at his results.

The man is a complete failure.

The debt issue is a perfect example.  Nothing happened until the Republican’s said look we can’t work with this guy and they pulled Obama out of the negotiations.  Notice that the Democrats did not fight this, so that tells us that they must have agreed that the only way to get this done was to remove Obama from the mix.

My point is you have to forget who you thought Obama was and see Obama for who he really is.

This man must NOT be re-elected for another term.

A.B.O in 2012

Anybody But Obama

America Prevails
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