09 June 2011


When Obama was elected he spent a GREAT amount of time talking about what was wrong with America and he needed your help to transform it.  With record majorities he proceeded to push his agenda and champion his America Last policies.  2 years later as we start the cycle for the 2012 elections we have to ask ourselves what is Obama's vision for America? Moreover, what is getting in the way of that vision?  The first thing that comes to mind would be the Republicans, right?  The whole party of NO thing.

But I suggest Obama really thinks you are the obstacle to his Utopian America.

Think about it.  Could the Democratic party survive without entitlements and unions?  In other words could the Democratic party survive without Government?  I don't think so.  Now turn that around.  Could you see the Republican party survive without Government?  I think yes.

Obama made it his mission to make most everything in the private sector evil and broken.  Remember we need to fix this right now, don't read it just vote yes.  We know what's better for you.  But the people didn't agree.  The 2010 elections proved this correct.  Obama thinks that we need to believe in him, however what the country needs now is a President who believes in us.  Americans have never backed down from a challenge.  We have proved time and time again, if you trust in the people the people will come through.  Obama does not think like this.  Obama believes that only the government can save us.  The only thing that is stopping this is you.

Which brings me back to Obama's vision and what we know now given the history of the last 2 years.  We know Obama likes to spend his way out of problems.  We know he can create jobs...yeah just ask him, he claims he created 2 million jobs in the last 15 months.  But he gives no facts to support this claim. I t is because he said it is.  A fact: the bureau of labor and statistics say 1.2 million jobs were lost during the same time.  Fact Vs. "So let it be written, so let it be done" We also know that he does not trust you to make decisions for yourselves.  Just try to buy a 100watt light bulb next year and see what happens.  We know that although Obama is a millionaire he hates the rich.  Using Obama math if you make $251K a year you really make billions.  I would really like to see how that works, it would take 4000 years for a person who makes $250 year run up to a billion.  But that doesn't matter, Obama says your rich so pay up!

So what is Obama's vision at the end on the rainbow?  If we can use his history to see his future for America, this is what we can look forward to over the rainbow.  High taxes, massive spending, high unemployment, a weak dollar, a GUTSY com by ya foreign policy, Obama care, open borders, no energy policy, no growth, and its still Bush's fault.  Why would you think his next term would be any different?

And the only thing that is getting in his way is...YOU.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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