09 June 2011

The Loyal Opposition's responce

But lets get to the nub of this shall we.  Granted Obama was handed a mess and he has made it his mission to make matters worse.  Obama used the last 2 years as a experiment into European Socialism and it has failed miserably.  Your house is worth less then it did 10 years ago.  Unemployment is 9.1%, there was only 58K jobs created last month and as you so eloquently pointed out our dollar is worth less and less thanks to Obama's policy of America Last.  With all this information just released what does Obama do?  Just this morning he announces that he's going to double down on Tax increases.  The Dems have offered NO budget for close to 800 days or fiscal plan outside of the Republicans want you dead.

Look at it this way.  Republicans have control of Congress and will most likely either shrink the Dem majority in the Senate or they will take control all together.  So where does that leave Obama?  Oh I know blame Bush.  How can you Win the Future by blaming the past?  Or if all you do is blame the past you are destined lose the future.

What is he going to do with another 4 years?  What major "Historic", "Landmark", "Gutsy" piece of legislation is Obama going to put forth in his next term?  Card check & Immigration reform is dead.  Obama care is a joke.  26 states have sued successfully that the Obama care mandate is unconstitutional.

Obama's Solicitor General in an argument supporting Obama care said that people can avoid the mandate by CHOOSING to earn less!!  NO BS, this is the stance Obama's Solicitors General and more importantly Obama has in regards to his HC plan.  CHOOSE TO MAKE LESS MONEY!!!  Well most of us are not choosing to make less money, Obama's policies are making that choice for us.

This really pisses me off but hear me out.  Obama has already stated that there is a point that he feels that you have made enough money.  Obama's policies have almost destroyed our economy.  No energy policy.  No foreign policy.  The only thing he ever plans is his next golf outing.  He spent trillions upon trillions with NO RESULTS.  If for some reason you make $250k a year you are somehow now a billionaire.

Yet according to the press Obama is unbeatable?

It's takes "GUTS" to say I've made a mistake by voting for Obama in that last election.

Will it really take "GUTS" to not vote for him in 2012?

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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