25 April 2011

It’s not too late for “Change”

When the Country moved from Whale oil to kerosene did the Government force this change?


When the Country moved from kerosene to Coal did the Government force this change?

When the Country moved from Coal to Oil did the Government force this change?

When the country moved from Oil to gasoline did the country force this change?

So why does Obama think that with his energy policies driving up the price of gas (not the evil oil companies or the greedy speculators) this will force the country to move to Green Power?

Because make no mistake Obama has NO problem with high gas prices, none.

As Obama said it’s wrong that America consumes so much and pollutes so much at the same time.

So next time you fill up your truck or gas guzzling car know that Obama hates your excess.  Your to blame this country’s ills and you and the rich need to pay for it.

If you’re not hating your fellow citizen because they make too much money you’re supposed be hating the guy with the SUV.

But you’re not supposed to notice the price for food is going up.  No just keep your eyes down and your wallet open.  Obama is busy calling Republicans radical for even proposing a fix or a counter to the glide path to destruction he set us on.

Now any right minded person knows that Bush started this over spending but God knows Obama is taking this to a whole new level.

Look at housing, construction, manufacturing, job creation, job growth, any growth what’s-so-ever.

It’s all flat or negative.  When is Obama going to take responsibility for ANY of this?

Why after years in office it’s still the last guys fault?

Now I need you at ask yourself a few things?

Has Obama shown real leadership? (Refer back to the “Hey it’s not me it’s them” style)

Do you look at Obama a feel he truly represents you and has your best interest at heart?

Do you really think Mr. “HOPE HUG” millionaire President who never held a private sector job feels your pain as you pay more and more for your living expenses, while he tells you he’s so rich he doesn’t need another tax cut?

I beg you to look past the hype. Look past the image?

Do not fear to say “I’m voting against him.”

It’s not too late for “Change”

Remember One and done.

America Prevails

Information Minister

Loyal Opposition


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