06 April 2011

Compare and contrast the comments to Paul Ryan Budget Proposals

Keep in mind that the Democratc failed to pass a budget last year when they had control of Congress.


We need this budget to ensure fiscal responsibility


Everyone over 60 will die because of the Republicans


We are headed off a cliff of economic ruin if we continue this path of over spending


Young children will starve to death because of the Republicans

Republicans (Paul Ryan)

“So the question is, do we save these programs now by engaging in budget reform that preempts a debt crisis that gets this situation under control and gets this economy growing or do we worry about politics, do we worry about the next election and then by doing so, kick the can down the road, only to wake one day and see a real problem where you have to do indiscriminate cuts to everybody including senior citizens?  We don’t want to have European austerity in this country, which is a debt-crisis-fueled cut to current seniors, tax increases on the current economy to slow us down.”

Democrats (Debbie Wasserman Schultz the NEW DNC chair)

“I was at a childcare center in my district, Monday and literally stood with moms who when they lose their childcare, they’re going to have to stop working.  They’re not going to be able to send their kids to school and they won’t get an early childhood education.  And we know that cuts like that will directly lead to kids becoming criminals later on."

So which party is really leading and which is fear mongering?

Next up for the DNC going into the 2012 elections... race bating.

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