15 December 2010

What's $2.1 trillion dollars between friends

$2.1 Trillion dollars

Think about it.  The Government is collecting $2.1 trillion dollars in Tax revenue and its STILL NOT ENOUGH!!!  They want more, and they want you to hate the person who makes more then you on top of it.

As if taking more of their money can be justified because of as I heard one liberial say "we need to change the void between income levels, and best way to do this is tax the rich."

This is class warfare pure and simple.

Moreover, as Mark Levin so rightly put it any relationship between spending and revenue is completly gone.

The question I have for you is, if $2.1 trillion dollars is not enough?  What amount would satisify their needs?

I've said before and as we know now Utopia is unfundable.

Now as a last effort to spend like crazy Team Obama just submitted a $1.7 trillion dollar budget.  One more 2000 page bill that we need passed right now.  Remember that BS line, I'm sure you do.

I say, let it all fall until the new congress starts in January.

America Prevails

Information Minister
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