07 December 2010

The Obama Tax increases and you


If you voted for Obama can you even remember why you voted for him?  Or if you do remember why you voted for him.  Do any of those reasons even apply anymore given the last 2 years of the Obama administration?

Now let's remember who pays the taxes and who collects the taxes.  Team Obama wants us to hate people because they may make more than you or I.  Obama blames the fact that there is a massive deficit because the government needs to collect more in taxes.  Never mind the fact that Obama has spent more then anyother person in human history, no...that has nothing to do with it.  Yes were in this hole because the rich are not taxed enough.

Obama wants you to think its the rich or "wealthy" person who is taking your money.  He wants you to believe its the rich who created this deficit.

But who is really to blame for this...not us I can tell you that!  Obama explaines that if we don't increase taxes it will add $700 billion dollars to the deficit.  Does this not really mean Obama and the government spend $700 billion dollars it never had?

Moreover, the point is nothing will change for you or I if the "Obama tax increases" do not go into effect.

All this means is that the government will not collect more of our money.

Think about it, does Obama need a tax increase to keep spending?  Nothing and I mean nothing has stopped him so far.  Moreover, do you think if the "Obama Tax Increases" do not go into effect Obama will stop spending?  HELL NO HE WON'T !

So where does this leave us?  Do you think Obama understands what happened in the mid-term elections?  Do you think Obama wants to give a middle class tax cut or do you think he just wants to stick it to the rich?  One things for sure ALL our taxes will go up with the "Obama tax increases" starting Jan 1 2011.

Stimulus, Obama Care, Jobs Bills, Spending Bills, No budget, stopping off shore oil exploration while the rest of the world is free to lay claims to oil just off our shore and now a accross the board tax increase.

Who is really an obstructive party here?

The Republicans who are trying to stop Obama from doing more damage to the country

Or Obama?  Who is doing everything is his power to obstruct any growth in the private sector?  Just to remind you the private sector is you and I.  We're the ones who have to pay the taxes to fund this leviathon.

We're the ones on the hook for all this spending.  The scary thing is, is that Obama is now calling for compromise.  Compromise!!  This from the clown, that's right I said clown. This was the clown who ran around telling everybody, "Elections have consequences, and I'm the President now."  And sorry Republicans were in charge now so go to the back seat and shut up.  According to the media the Republicans are the ones who need to compromise with Obama.  If you can believe that.

Just somthing you need to keep in mind when you hear about the Obama Tax increases.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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