28 August 2010

The Information Minister unvails his American Platform for success

Let’s say a few things out loud shall we to get things started. America is the greatest country in the world. We are not perfect but we are the best that has been created in the history of mankind. The Constitution is not an open ended document. Profit is not a bad word. America has the best health care on the planet. Global warming is a theory not a religion. The Government has its limits. Wall Street IS Main Street and Main Street IS Wall Street, the country is one. And lastly the Founders never meant for us to just give this a shot and if it doesn’t work or it’s get hard just change to whatever Europe is doing.

Now for my Platform for American success.


If America has resources then we need to use them. Responsible drilling for oil, coal and natural gas, supplemented with green technologies is a major key to the success of the country.  We need to face the fact that this planet will run on oil and coal for decades.  That however, does not mean we do not explore cleaner resources, Nuclear among them.  If we truly want to reduce our influence in the Middle East and reduce the Middle East influence in this country we need to drill here it’s that simple.  Now what will all this expansion mean? Something Nancy Pelosi likes to say...jobs, jobs, jobs.  Union jobs, private sector jobs, large and small business alike will greatly benefit from this growth.  Everything has its place and there is room for both so get over it and start drilling.


Stop spending our money recklessly!  The Democrats have been in control of the house since 2006 and control of everything since 2008.  Obama states that the Republicans have no plan, well we’ve seen your plan for the last 2 years and it’s not working.  What is your plan going forward, SPEND MORE, TAX MORE, and BORROW MORE?  Freeze Government spending, salaries, and hiring, until this mess is cleared up.  STOP blaming Bush.  We don’t care anymore.  Obama was elected for change but all he has given us is “To go forward you put the car in (D) if you want to go back you put the car in (R).”  Who the hell does he think he’s talking too, a bunch of 2 year olds?  The country is bleeding and he’s trying to make witty metaphors.  And to the Republicans, don’t make a big deal about 3000 page bills that nobody reads then when you regain control you turn around and do the same thing.  I’m keeping a strong eye on you.  Give the citizens the tools for their own success and get out of the way.  Sorry but the Government cannot bestow success to the citizenry we have to earn it all by ourselves.  Support Israel.

Tell the world that Gitmo is open for business.  Treat terrorists as terrorists.  No civilian courts.  Do what we have to do to keep the country safe.  And yes sometimes that means doing more them just asking nicely. The terrorist are playing for keeps we need to do the same.


Keep the Bush cuts for the top earners and cut taxes even more for the rest of the population.  Being able to keep more of YOUR money and spending and or saving as YOU see fit will stimulate the economy.  Truly cut taxes for ALL business big & small.  I support tax incentives to business to keep jobs here.  Can you picture the Founders walking around telling people, “Hey you over there, yes you, you make too much money.  Give it to the Government and we’ll spend for you.” That includes not hitting my family with a huge Death tax after I die.


Like it or not they’re here to stay.  Unions have value by providing support for the worker when there was none in the past.  However, I support the right to keep the proposed unionization of a business a secret vote. If the vote is approved then the owner has to deal with it. If the union is turned down, then call it good and walk away.  In addition, for both private and public sector unions suing or striking to receive raises when the company or government is either massively in debt or about to go bankrupt is just stupid.  The idea of raises regardless only hurt matters, it never helps.


Allow them to go bankrupt.  Make all parties stand in front of a judge and work it out.  If that means pensions take a hit, so be it. $0.75 on the dollar is better than nothing.  The Private sector has to do this all the time and yet the sun comes up every morning.


Repeal Obama Care ASAP.  Remove the restrictions so Insurance companies can compete across state lines.  This increases competition exponentially, driving down cost, while maintaining the level of care we are accustom too.  However, keep the preexisting conditions provision.  I agree that one should not be turned down for any reasons but again insurance companies need to mitigate their risk, so in this case a high risk pool needs to be established.


Stop fooling around and really secure them.  Build a big ass fence, call it a shovel ready project and get to it. No Amnesty.  A country without borders ceases to be a country.  Moreover, a country without out a secure border loses its sovereignty.  You get caught you go to the back of the line, sorry not cuts.  Fine businesses that hire illegals.  Use the Mexican example for what they do with illegal’s...look it up.


First of all Americans are liberators not occupiers.  Give them everything they need to do their job.  And if that job means they go and kick some ass then so be it.  There is a reason this country is so great and the Military is a major part of that.  I do think we do need to review our presences around the globe.  As in where our post WWII peace keeping bases are located.  If that review means relocation then I support it.  We need to think and act and react knowing that there is a lot of people and countries that want to do America and its interest a great amount of harm. (See the “kick some ass” statement for possible reply)


Get off your ass and thank the country you live in.  A lot of great people died to give you the freedoms you now enjoy.  When you’re walking down the street lift your eyes up for a change, lift your head up and face your future.  Stop blaming other for your own circumstances.  Take nothing for granted, especially your government.  Don’t just vote for the same party over and over because that’s just what you do.  Be willing to accept when your party really does not reflect the way you truly feel.  Or at least be willing to entertain the other parties idea before you decide who you are going to vote for.  Moreover, demand more accountability from your representatives.  They work for us not the other way around.

This country is great because of our diversity not because we pit one demographic over another.  How can the country survive if all were doing is pointing out that this person makes more than me.  Or it’s not fair that this company makes in our opinion too much money compared to the money I earn.  Guess what you can always quit.

Here's your plan now get to it!
You know I’m right

America Prevails

Information Minister

Loyal Opposition


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