09 August 2010

Democratic strategy going into the fall elections

Blame Bush (again)...don't even try to talk about accomplishments and blame Bush. Remind everyone that it was Bush and the republicans who got us into this mess, but don't let them remind you that the democrats have been in complete control of both houses since 2006.  And Obama had three years to show how his plan would be the best for the nation ( 1 year of preelection of I'm the only "one" who can fix this and 2 years of his practical failed attempts).

In additon, don't remind anyone that Obama voted yes for all the Bush spending that Obama now said has lead us into a ditch.

Obama has had two acts with no success.

Act one his ideas...HOPE & CHANGE-sounds great but not much substance

Act two...well were living the implementations of those grand Obama ideas and the results are hard to argue with.

Do we really need to give team Obama a third act just to see how it turns out??

Can the country afford another "X" amount of years of team Obama putting agenda over the citizen.

And lastly,

You'll hear that the democrats really did not convey or "sell" all the great things Obama has done for the country.  In other words we're too ignorant to understand the complexity of the messages brought down from the mountain and deliveried onto us.

We understand everything Mr President and that's exactly why you are going to lose.

Its time to put your money where your mouth is and join me in my pleage to vote team Obama out of office.

Who's with me???

America Prevails
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition


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