10 June 2010

Vested interest and the Arizona Law

My fellow Patriots,

After doing something that most of the Obama administration did not do, I read the Arizone illigal immigration law.

I think it boils down to who has a vested interest in the success of the country as a whole.

If a legal immigrant takes the time to apply, studies hard and finally becomes a legal citizen.  Does not this person have a stronger vested interest in their new counrty?  Now take someone who broke the law to enter the country, now lives off our system for years them Obama grants them amnesty.  What is their vested interest?  In addition, does this not diminish the legal route?  Does this not void all the effort, hard work and dedication of the legal route?  And what of sovereignty of our nation?

A nation without borders ceases to be a nation.

Notice how team Obama never states this from the American citizens point of view?  The cry comes out....oh what about the separation of families.  My reply who cares!  If I commit a crime does the government care about separating my family....no they don't.

The point is we should not allow the degradation of the sovereignty of the country for the sake of increasing a voter base.

You know I'm right .


Information Minister

Loyal Oppostion


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