04 June 2010

Things you should know before you approve of the Cap & Trade bill

You may start to hear about the Energy bill or Cap & Trade bill. Before you start believing this is the best thing since sliced bread please remember a few things.

Obama promised that the stimulus bill would hold unemployment at 8%...didn't happen

Obama promised repaid TARP funds would be used to pay down the deficit....didn't happen

Obama promised that HIS health care bill would save costs and lower the deficit....the CBO and the Office of Health and Human Services, the former a bipartisan group and the latter a team Obama group, both said costs would go up and the deficit would increase.

Obama said you could keep your insurance if you wanted to...but what good is that when employers like AT&T said it would be cheaper to drop it.

Obama promised a new relationship with RUSSIA...RUSSA just told us to back down from increasing sanctions of Iran and guess what, Obama will back down

Obama just added a 1cent tax per barrel for All oil companies to pay for the "spill"

Obama also gave us a deficit 4X higher in just one year.

My point is, EVERY single thing Obama promised either did not come true or was a blatant lie!

Why should the BS about the Energy bill be any different?

This is not conjecture this is Obama's record.  Obama will claim we need this right now.  He'll say the time for debate is over.  He'll call oil companies evil. He'll tell us it will save money and lower the deficit and save the planet.

My question is, will you believe Obama?  Will you say even though every time Obama promised something it never came true, you believe THIS time, this time he's telling the truth? Really??  Who's the fool now?  The fool or the fool who follows him?

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