27 April 2010

The Information Minister would like to ask you a few questions?

In light of the outrage from the left regarding the "proof of citizenship" law the just passed in AZ, I would like to ask you the following questions.

Would the Liberals and Democrats in this country be as outraged if as part of the Cap & trade bill the EPA would have the ability to inspect industries for violations if they were "reasonably suspect" they were over polluting?

Also, to our union brothers and sisters out there?  How will amnesty secure your jobs? Look at unemployment currently, now just imagine another 10-15 million people competing for your job.

I am stunned when people think that Democrats are pro union. How can you be pro union and pro amnesty at the same time?

Think about it, how many "white collar" jobs do you really think illegal aliens are going to apply for once they become legal?  This will decimate the legal labor force in this country make no mistake.

Why should legalized citizens support this? Why should natural citizens support this?  Just because Obama said so?

At the heart of this issue is Obama's push for "comprehensive immigration reform." In following the Obama play book of make it evil to get something passed.  Obama has chosen the law in AZ as his calling card for reform, as I have pointed out countless times and yet I'm the bad guy for it.

I see the 460000 illegals in AZ as a problem.  Obama see 460000 potential votes.

In addition, what happened to the laser focus on job creation Obama promised back in January?

Can anyone even remember Obama talking about jobs?

My real question is who is defending the constitution?  Who is defending the American citizen?  Who is defending the American way of life?  Obama?

Make no mistake amnesty is a threat to sovereignty of the nation?  What's the point of a country when you have no borders or an open door policy?

I bring this up because some people still want to give Obama more time?

My point is, we have given Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the democrats and the liberals enough time.  You really have to think hard about voting for these clowns in the next election.

You know I'm right!

America Prevails

Information Minister

Loyal Opposition


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