07 April 2010

The Brilliance of the Obama foreign policy

Remember he did all of this in the name of improving our standing in the world

So let's review shall we...

1) Closed Gitmo....well not yet but he's still thinking about it

2) Limits interrogation and revealed our techniques to the world...don't want to upset or surprise the terrorists now do we. Also, its good for the enemy to just how far we'll go before we stop

3) Removes the missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic...now we know why, to appease the Russians for the upcoming nuclear treaty

4) Bashes or snubs Israel

5) Backs off of Iran in general

6) Does not support the freedom movement in Iran

7) Bashes or Snubs Israel

8) Allows Iran to Nuke up

9) Blows off England... England in turn removes the US from favorite country status...that's always good for a country's image.

10) Begs for billions from China

11) Does nothing to make America energy independent...yes this is a foreign policy issue...and no just saying we can explore for oil does not make it so.

12) Blows off India when he was in the region...India if you remember is the largest democracy in the world and a Nuclear power but why be friendly with them

13) Sends Crazy Uncle Joe to Israel just scold them about how to run their own country.

14) Invite Israel to the US only to leave them waiting for an hour and a half so Obama can eat dinner

15) Devalued- our currency to almost the point of pre-war Germany.

16) The pre & post-election apology tour for America

17) The constant bowing

18) Begging for billions from China...if Obama can keep going back for more why can't I mention it again?

19) Revealing where, when and why we will use Nuclear weapons...its always good to tell your enemies your secrets and your self imposed limitations on retaliations and or first strikes, I'm sure they'll never use this against us or to their advantage

20) Signing a Arms treaty with Russia with a provision to allow Russia to back out if they change their mind.

Could someone please explain how any of this makes America safer or improves our image ?

America Prevails

Information Minister

Loyal Opposition


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