02 February 2010

Yet another bow. This time to the Mayor of Tampa, FL

Does he bow to everyone?

Check the link above for the video

Here is another link to a Wall Street Journal OpEd
The Obama Spell is Broken


Anonymous said...

Can we get to 2012 already. I hope of 1 of 2 things....we get a new President or the world ends

Anonymous said...

That OpEd is junk. The President cannot possibly be held responsible for all of Congress' failures. If we didn't have Republicans completely against EVERY BILL he supports then maybe we wouldn't be in the bind we are in today. Screw focusing on the president, our real problem is Congress.

JohnGalt1984 said...

You mean the congress that the Democrats have compete control of?
That congress?
In addition, your Overlord as president IS the head of the Democratic party.
So tell us again why this mess were in is not Team Obama fault?

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

Nadmenny Millicent said...

Do we are a new person who thinks they can keep up with us?

FGFM said...

What the Cappleman!