26 February 2010

A few comments on the health care summit. Followed by a few questions

Thank you all for coming.  I'll make a brief statement then I'll ask a few questions.

Yes I did listen to most of the 7hrs of coverage.  Both side are very passionate in their convictions regarding this issue.  However, it was Obama who was truly in heaven.  Everybody had to thank him for this "historic, unprecedented, landmark" event.  He got the last word in everything and spoke twice as long as everybody.  Both sides claimed victory and nothing was accomplished.

 On a side note Crazy Uncle Joe was caught saying, and I'm not making this up.  Joe was caught saying "I like being the Vice President....you don't have to do anything." Nice.

And lastly notice how Obama keeps repeating that he wants everybody to have adequate health care coverage. Now notice that he does not say he wants everybody to have adequate health care....big difference in the wording there and something to think about.  In other words, lower to equalize in all things.

Now Questions;

Does the American public want Obama care if passed as is?...NO

Does the majority party care?...NO

Did Harry Reid drool on himself during the summit?....YES

Do both parties think they're right?...YES!!

Is there a difference between the two parties?...YES

Does the minority party want health care reform?...YES

Will the closed door negotiations now be opened and the minority party be let in?.....NO

Will Nancy Pelosi's eyes pop out of her head at some point because her skin is pulled too tight?...YES

Will the majority party scrap the current bill and start fresh?.....NO

Did the minority party at any point say NO we are not willing to work with the majority?...NO

Does Obama want the minority party to just agree with majority and call it bipartisanship?....YES

Will unemployment continue to rise unless some real pro business actions are taken?....YES

Does anyone believe that Obama really cares about minority input into "His" legacy?...No

Do I think Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) has a bright future in the Republican party?....YES

Does Obama love playing a school teacher?....YES

Will the majority party ram this through regardless of the consequences to its own party and the American public?....YES

Will you support a party who clearly has lost touch with reality, admitted that they put agenda over its citizens needs, have spent trillions without results and seems to care less that you know it?.......that one is up to you for next election's in November and 2012

Are you happy I kept it short this time?....most likely yes

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition


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