19 January 2010

Year one of the Overlord

Well Comrades here we are at the end of year one of the  reign of our Overlord. I hope your all still basking in the warm after glow of change.
I'm not going to have a month by month breakdown of the disaster that is this administration, I'm sure your all up set about that.

However, there are some things you need to think about as you plan your future vote in the up coming elections.

1) This year has taught us that the Government does not run on "HOPE" it runs on policy.
And the policies of the last year have only made things worse.
Obama ran on intangibles, (HOPE HUGS & CHANGE) the Democrats and some independences drank the Koolaid (Berry flavor) and voted for him.
Problem is that is what Obama delivered, nothing but intangibles.

2) Experience or lack of experience does matter when it comes to running a country.

3) If you voted for Obama on "Change" ask yourself what really has changed in the way Government is run. Refer to the broken promises of transparency, the stimulis would stop job loss, I can fix the economy, I will foster bipartisanship, close Gitmo, you get the idea.

4) Terrorist and our enemies really do not care that Obama is President only in as much as they see him as weak and ineffective.

5) If anyone still believes that Democrats are not the party of tax and spend must have been in a coma last year.

6) Making the private sector the sum of all evil does not help stimulate the economy and spurn job growth. Ask yourself how does taxing the so called rich help you get and keep a job.  Ask yourself did you really hate the private sector before Obama told you to hate them or do you want the so called rich taxed into oblivion because Obama told it was the fair thing to do?  Either way it does nothing to help you in your day-to-day struggles.

7) Saved or created jobs is a BS line.

8) No matter which way the election falls in Mass it has sent shock waves through the country.
And the eyes of the country will be on these results.

Also play close attention to how team Obama reacts to the race in regards to a Brown victory.  If the super majority is lost what will happen to Obama care?  This reaction will show the true intentions of the Democrats.  If Nancy follows through with her threat of "any means necessary" to pass health care.  How can this party be trusted? How can the daydream believers (you know who you are) still vote democratic in the up coming elections?

Remember that the upcoming election and all elections for that matter are about who can govern. Who has the ability too govern?
The democratics have proven they are great at complaining about Republicans but horrible at governing the country.  The proof is in the policy and actions of this administration.

Obama has awakened the sleeping giant that is the American public.  And we are resolute in defeating him and his policies.  We Americans we have the strength of our convictions to see this fight through to the end. The first shot is being fired in the same state of Lexington and Concord.  If this is a Brown victory this will be the second shot heard around the world.

 The election in Massachusetts is very important to the future of Obama's ability to move his agenda forward. I feeling its going to be a close one.

I will leave you with this inspirational video. View it as many times as needed in the months and years to come. I ask the democratics and the independent (you know who you are) to pay special attention to this.

Stay strong and never give up!!

America prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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