31 January 2010

Comments on Obama's State of Confusion speech

Sorry for the delay in my response.  I just woke up after that boring speech.
So I guess we can call Obama's first year "The lost year."  He said it himself. Last year when I was spending more money then anyone in history to fix the economy, stop unemployment at 8% and create millions of job...well that's not what I was really doing.  I did all those things just to push my agenda along.(Told you so) Now THIS YEAR I really mean to do the things that will help the country.  But more on that later.
Quick question, which time is Obama telling the truth, last year when he said passing health care was key to fixing the economy or this year when passing his jobs bill will fix the economy??
On a side note.  What was with crazy uncle Joes head?  The guys head was bobbing around like he has some sort of neurological disorder?  I think, but I could be wrong, but I think Nancy actually coded out twice during the speech either that or her face is pulled so tight that the only expression she can muster is a spooky glassy eyed stare, its like Satan is staring straight into your soul.
But before you go around touting Obama for the fiscal conservative tax cutter he's now claiming to be remember this:
This speech would never of happened if not for the catastrophic loss in Massachusetts.  Or as I like to say the monumental Republican victory. But that's me.

I will not bore you with the details of this long winded speech.  Please see your local fact checker in most papers or the web for that.  But I will say this, Obama is clearly desperate if he thinks full speed ahead is the best course of action.  Now granted I'm all for tax cuts.  However, look at the logic here.  An employer is offered money in the form of tax credits to hire new employees but the employer cannot afford the expense of taking on more employees because the economy sucks.  Why not cut taxes across the board to both citizens and businesses, put money back into our hands and we'll spend the money as we see fit.

There is more, but I will remark on a few things that really stand out about this goof ball of a President.

Obama really stuck his stick into the wrong damn cage when he tried to call out the supreme court during the speech.  Mr constitutional scholar may have forgot about the separation of powers clause or maybe he doesn't give a damn.  But the ruling he was referring to is a triumph of the first amendment.  Stating all citizens including union's, non profits and business alike can now support any political cause they like.  Moreover, there are laws in place to explicitly forbid foreign nationals or foreign companies even with American subsidiaries to contribute in a political campaign.  So Obama was not telling the truth when trying to intimidate the Supreme Court.  In other words OBAMA LIED, foreign powers cannot influence American campaigns.
But Obama has absolutely no problem with China buying our debt.  No problem at all.
How can Obama even keep a straight face in regards to undo influence of special interest.  The Unions have direct oval office access.  Which they used to walk right in and give themselves a sweetheart deal equaling somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 million dollars.
Which exempts the unions from any tax burdens the health care bill will impose.  But that's ok with the Obama.  Who the hell does this joker think he is??  Once again as I have said before the Constitution is such a magnificent document because it limits the power of the government and the separation of powers and the 1st amendment must be something Obama clearly does not understand.

Any talk regarding transparency from Obama is truly a laugh line at this point.  If Obama truly meant that pledge he would have used the speech to exclaim to both houses to open the doors and bring in the cameras into the health care negotiations. BUT HE DID NOT!!
He called out Washington about the evil lobbyist and yet the very next day the White House held a no press meeting with lobbyist to review the still warm state of the union speech.  WTF!  Again all of the Bush spending bad, Obama spending good.  How can anyone in their right mind still believe this is still Bush's fault?

Obama made no comment regarding Card check, he's holding that one until he needs to get reelected.
Then there's the "spending freeze."  I'm sorry, even the die hard drones had the laugh at that one.  So let's see, Obama will freeze spending because its the right thing to do BUT not this year.  Then he has the balls to say that's how you budget.  This guy truly thinks the American public are fools.  Two things, Obama going to use this year to spend our way out of this and in his election cycle he can claim a frozen budget.

Que Patton Music:

But Obama and the Democrats  forgets one thing...were onto to them!  We have seen the patterns, and we will not forget!  We will not forget in the upcoming elections only a few days away, nor at the mid terms in November!  Nor will we forget this at the ballot box in 2012!!  We will not forget the lies of false transparency and the broken promises of change!!  We will not forget Obama and the Democrats  massive spending!!  We will not forget the trillions of dollars of monumental debt Obama is leaving us!!  We will show Obama, Pelois and Reid, that we are not going to sit idly by while they destroy our country and our future!!  We will show them who really stands up to fight them every step of the way.  We stand with the Constitution. We stand with Washington, Adams, Jefferson and the rest of the foundings fathers.  We stand with a free America where we choose where and how we can spend my money!  Our money belongs too us not to Obama! Our success does not rest what Obama determines it to be!  Our success should not cap at 250K! Where would this country be if we stopped success at some amount decided by the Government!?  Well I say HELL NO!!  I reject the America that Obama wants to create!!  And you should too!!!
Now you need to decide who will you stand with!  Our founding fathers or Obama, Pelosi and Reid?
I made my choice!  Will you have the guts to make the same choice!!


Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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