20 October 2009

Questions from the Information Minister on why Voted for Obama?

I have a question?
It's been close to 11 months of life under Obama.  Now before your moved to the rice fields for the good of the State I have a question to ask you?

Given the current state of your life right now are you still happy you voted for or against Obama?  Do you feel the reasons you voted for or against Obama still hold true?  Are you still basking in the after glow of beating a Republican?  Are you upset that just over a majority of voters lined up to drink the Berry flavored Kool-aid to elect Obama into office?

Now let me ask you this?  Did vote for Obama just because Sarah Palin was the new George W Bush?  Did you not vote for Obama because you had a feeling that he was a Marxist/Socialist that would make it his mission to promote the Government take over of everything he could get his hands on while bashing America and making business and any sort of profit evil...evil I tell you?

Did you vote for Obama because you thought he would be the only one who could improve America's standing in the world?  Did you vote against Obama because you knew that a inexperienced narcissist would only make matters worse in the international arena?

Ask yourself what was so bad about America that you voted Obama in to "Transform" it?

Ask yourself why didn't Obama win the Nobel Peace prize in Economic's?

Ask yourself do you agree with the Obama policies or do you disagree with the current agenda that Obama is pushing?

Ask yourself is he doing these things for the good of the country or the good of the party?
Ask yourself is it really all about Obama?  If not why does he mention "I" or "me" over and over again in just every speech or statement he makes?
Ask yourself who is really in charge?  Is it Obama, the party, or both?  I ask this because if you disagree with the direction that the country is headed in?  Ask yourself who is responsible?  If you agree ask yourself the same question.

As life under Obama continues, keep asking yourself these questions.  Keep challenging yourself to see if the reason you voted for or against Obama back in November of 2008 still hold true today?  And knowing what you know now would you vote for or against him again?

I know how I'll vote, how about you?

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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