02 October 2009

The Chicago Democratic Machine Grinds to a Halt

The climate of corruption has finely caught up with Mayor Shortshanks and our Overlord Obama.  The overlord's charm dwindled in the eyes of the world.  CHICAGO LOSES OLYMPIC BID IN FIRST ROUND.  Even with Obama's last minute grandstanding and Oprah and Michelle being there for a couple of days couldn't help.

Our mayor has created a city that doesn't work unless someone gets paid-off.  He has managed to stay out of trouble so far.  But, far too many around him have been lead off in shackles.  And now his creation has blown up in his and the country's face.  It doesn't surprise me that Chicago lost the bid.  Maybe now the city can tackle real problems.

I can only hope this is the beginning of the end for Mayor Daley and his cronies.  Also the world is beginning see that the overlord does not walk on water.  Oh, he really should try to give speeches with out a teleprompter.  The use of the teleprompter makes it look like his heart is not in it,  not speeking what he really believes in.  Without the words in front of him he might slip and he can't let that happen.

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