18 May 2012

A big reason why Romney may lose to Obama

The other day a private citizen was reviewing a proposal for an AD campaign shedding more light on the long relationship between Obama and Rev. Wright.

The Dems say that's old news but after Wright himself just revealed that Obama was willing to pay Wright a $150K to go away until after the 2008 election, which he did if you remember, the Wright topic is fair game.     So using his own money this person decided to take a side and express himself using his First Amendment rights.  Unfortunately for him he chose to exercise this right against Obama.   Big mistake.     Because if the person decided to speak out against Romney we wouldn't even be having this conversation now would we?       And before you can say Citizens United the Romney campaign put it's tail between it's legs and denounced the ad even though the ad was never approved nor was planned to be released.
This "I'm not going to go there" crap right out of the McCain play book may cost Romney the election.    Because I have news for Romney, Obama and his surrogates i.e Alxrod will "Go there".      In addition, look at the backlash already heaped on this person who was only thinking about using his own money to support a cause.      He's on the front page of the Chicago Tribune with the headline "Anti-Obama tiff jolts Wrigley plan"  with the sub head of Emanuel calls proposed ad blitz insulting to the country.      What insulting to the country is the combined effort to silence any opposition to Obama.      I haven't checked yet but I'm sure there will be tons of articles both in print and online running with the headlines like, "Who is the person really?"  or "The Man responsible for Obama attack ad had questionable business dealings"      It will be something, anything to discredit this guy and make others like him think twice before they come out in support of Romney.   Talk about voter suppression.
Which gets me back to Romney.  Mr. I wont go there Romney spent tens of millions of dollars running negative ads against Cain, Bachmann, Perry and he made it his mission to destroy Newt and Santorum.     So don't give us this BS that your only going to take the higher road in this campaign.    McCain lost to Obama and Romney will lose if he lets the media and team Obama decide what is and what is not off the table.      Because everything will be on the table for Obama and everything will be off the table for Romney....don't you get it.     The media spent a week talking about something Romney may have done back in 1965 and that's OK but if Romney or a supporter brings up Obama past it's insulting to the whole entire country.     If I had the means to form my own PAC and the media came after me I would only want to spend more money to make sure these issues come out. 
So grow a pair Mitt and get out there and win this.     Millions of us have your back.  You need to win this not only for this generation but for the next.  Yes, focus on jobs and Obama's record.  But take your own advice from the primary when it comes to the super PAC'S.  Say by law you can have no influence on the material these super PAC's present.  I may not agree with the ad's they are running but I cannot influence them.  You used this as your fallback when Newt called you out on the negative ads these PAC's were running against him so what changed now?  
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