28 October 2011

The Left & the Democrats stand with the Police...until the police have to do their duty

I’m noticing that the occupy wall street crowd and the Democrats have been touting that even the police dept support their cause.

The police are securing the protesters right of free speech, assemble and demonstrate.  The left brags about how most of the police agree with what the protesters are angry about.

Some even say that the police come back after work to join in on the movement.

The Democrats love the fact the union police dept members sympathize with the protesters.

Oh the dems and the left love the police until they have to do their duty.

When the police ask the protesters to obey the law and leave a given area such as park where they are camped.

And they have to use force on the protesters because are not complying.

Then the police are a bunch of jackbooted villains thugs who abuse their power to support their corporate masters.

The Democrats accuse the police of brutality, excessive force, over reaction, racism you name it.

The Democrats call for investigations, they want the police held accountable.

Oh, the police are completely out of control they’ll say, they are looking for blood of the innocent and peaceful protesters.

They will throw the police under the bus the first chance they get.

The irony is come election time these very same Democrats will pander to the unions for their money, support and votes.

And for the most part the unions line up and vote Democratic because they say the democrats are the only ones looking out for them.


I understand present company excepted but for the most part you know I’m right.

You can’t tell me the Democrats are pro union, no way.

The Democrats and the left with Obama as their leader talk a good game about being pro union and for the “worker.”

But how can you actively work on destroying the coal and oil industry on one hand.

And tell the unions that America needs big infrastructure projects like building the Hover Dam on the other.  Ya know to get the workers and the unions back on the job.

Think about it? Do you really think that the EPA would allow a project like Hover Dam to be built today?

No F’n way would the EPA green light that build.  The environmental impact study alone would take decades just to be rejected.

But I digress…

It’s time to wake up people. Obama must lose in 2012! The Democrat majority in the Senate must shrink.

And yes we need to elect the right people into office.

That is way I am not going to support Romney for President.

I am not ready to endorse a candidate and I will vote for Romney in the primary, if he secures the nomination I will vote for him just because I want Obama to lose.

But then again I would vote for a empty milk bottle over Obama at this point.


America Prevails

Information Minister

Loyal Opposition


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