18 March 2010

Can we just "Deem and Pass" Obama out of office?

In the past is was all fun and games. I would write a rant poking fun at Obama, Pelosi, Reid and who could forget about Crazy Uncle Joe Biden.  I would try to point out issues in my humble opinion needed to be discussed.  You would in turn read it...or not...comment back...or not...correct grammar and or spelling...or not. (Side bar, I am cranking these out on my blackberry so please forgive me).

But this time its different. I have asked in the past when will team Obama finally over reach themselves?  Well this is it!!

Please do not fall into the "well the Republican did it so can we" BS.  "Deem and pass" was used to pass non smoking in planes, and other low level issues.  THIS WAS NEVER USED FOR SUCH A LANDMARK, ALL ENCOMPASSING PIECE OF LEGISATION SUCH AS OBAMA CARE!!! EVER!!!!

But why?  Why do this now?  If it was no big deal, why not do this from day one and be over with it?  Or if you believe the Democratic talking point of "the people don't care about the process" they just want it passed.

This from a party that is pushing due process rights for any and all terrorists we can get our hands on.  Now they want us the public not care about the Law of the land ie, the Constitution and the due process of passing a Bill. (Reference Article 1 section 7 of the Constitution)

It is so obvious why the Democrats are resorting to this extremely deceitful tactic.  THEY KNOW THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE!!!  THEY KNOW THEY DO NOT HAVE THE VOTES TO PASS THIS!!!  But as we all know they don't GIVE A DAMN about the people!

At this point after all the back-handed deals and the closed door bribes, zero support in the polls, does anyone still think that Obama is doing this for us?  I mean really.

To underscore this point Obama was quoted saying " I don't spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House and Senate".  I'm sorry but WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!  Spend a lot of time worrying about rules??  Its only the Constitution were talking about!  This is our President.  This man swore an oath to protect the very same thing he now doesn't spend time worrying about.

Now not only have no one read the bill, now no one will vote on the Bill.  An other key part of team Obama's transforming America that some of you voted for.  THANKS OBAMA!!

Which brings me back to the why question?  What's really in the bill that Obama wants passed so bad that the Democrat are willing to shred the Constitution, lose the majority in one or both houses and almost guarantee a one term for Obama?  Just think about that for a moment...ok times up.  I'm not sure but it cannot be good.

I for one am not happy with the direction Obama is taking the country.  I'm sure I'm not alone.

I do not want to leave my children only memories of how great America once was.  I do not want the history books to show that America was once a great nation like England, Spain, France.  Do you really want your health care only just as good as the UK?

Is this what you want?  Is this really what you had envisioned when you voted for Obama?  Ask yourself what has Obama done to make things better in this country?  I'll make it easier for you...NOT A DAMN THING!!!

And no amount of spin, no amount of "HOPE HUGS" will change it.

America Prevails

Information Minister

Loyal Opposition


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Anonymous said...

Dear Information Minister,

If my Aunt had balls, she would be my Uncle. Things are not as they appear, but I fear a very long and disappointing weekend is on the horizon. Misinformation is the rule of the day. Today, the CBO has blessed and added to the path of false hope. "Reported" CPI and PPI over the past few days show little signs of looming inflation on the horizon. Nothing being reported seems to hold much accuracy. Accountability is completely out the window.

Speaking of "no inflation" at the present time - Tropicana recently announced that they will reduce their 64 ounce carton of orange juice to a 58 ounce carton, while keeping the price the same. I'd call that inflation, but the Government would not. Scott paper towel rolls are now just 2/3 the size of a year ago, and they cost more. Seems like inflation to me. Have you renewed an Illinois license plate this year - it will now cost you $99 for the same little sticker. The Government incorrectly asserts, don't worry, there is no inflation. They also say, don't worry, this health shot won't hurt, and it actually will save money. Crafty bastards; they think we are just too dumb to notice what's going on around us. Well, they are wrong, and this time the rat bastards in Washington and Springfield are going to get the full backlash that they deserve.

The rebellion is on the horizon......and like the Southwest Airlines commercials, "grab your bag, it's on!"